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Category: Material Handling

TATRA Trucks construction – specifications

TATRA Trucks construction

TATRA CONSTRUCTION TRUCKS TATRA CONSTRUCTION TRUCKS Models      TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6            TATRA PHOENIX Euro6 (Emission Standard Euro 6)comes with 2 engine options          Paccar MX-11 and Paccar MX-13 Paccar MX-11 engine power out puts : 270 kW, 290 kW and 320 kW Paccar MX-13 engine power out puts : 265 kW, 200 kW, 340 kW and 375 kW Transmission Options for TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 : EcoSplit, AsTronic and […]

Battery operated Yale Stacker Specifications

The MS range of wrap-over fork stackers from Yale handles open sided pallets and containers with ease, giving you high performance in the smallest areas. MRW020/030-E Capacity (kgs) 900 — 1,360 • Convenient on-board diagnostics • Auto Deceleration System • Bottom mounted tiller handle design optimises the operating position and reduces the steering effort • Three performance modes

Caterpillar 2C3000 forklift price and specifications

  Caterpillar 2C3000 forklift price and specifications Capacity : 3,000 lbs or 1360.78 kG Maximum speed : 10 mph or 16.0934 kph Engine Power : 50 hp / 2400 rpm Turning radius : 70 inch or 1.778 meters Maximum lift speed ; 125 fpm or 38 meter per minute Equipment weight : 6,065 lbs or 2751.04 kG Capacity of Caterpillar 2C3000 forklift in Tons : 1.360 ton The price to be updated soon